Unlock Deep Spiritual Understanding and Ignite Your Personal Strength

Immerse yourself in a journey of profound growth.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, or unfulfilled in today's fast-paced world?

In a world that constantly pushes us to our limits, it's no wonder many of us feel adrift.

✓ Chasing fleeting moments of contentment?
✓ Feeling a persistent void, even with accomplishments?
✓ Craving deeper, authentic connections?
✓ Searching for purpose amidst life's clamor?

If you've nodded in agreement to any of the above, know you're not alone.

We all yearn for a guiding light, a beacon amidst the fog of life's challenges.

That is why we have created the Inner Power Circle – a transformative experience designed to reconnect you with your authentic self, empower your spiritual journey, and illuminate the path to profound clarity and purpose.

We meet twice virtually via Zoom each month to support you on your journey

Join a community where you're not only heard but deeply understood.

What is the Inner Power Circle?

This is not your typical self-help program.

  • The Inner Power Circle is a groundbreaking journey guided by Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui, a seasoned spiritual mentor who has devoted his life to exploring, teaching, and integrating spirituality and science.

  • His profound teachings, influenced by Jewish wisdom, mysticism, and quantum physics, have enriched countless lives and transcended traditional religious boundaries.

  • This program is designed to help you access your inner strength, align with your spiritual essence, and navigate your life from a place of deeper understanding and fulfillment.

  • Regular virtual meetings every other week keep you locked in and engaged in your self empowerment journey reinforced by others and

Included in the Inner Power Circle

Transformational Meetings- Twice Monthly

Step-by-step, week-by-week, discover a more empowered you

Vibrant Community Membership

Connect and share deeply, and grow alongside fellow seekers

Experience A New Way Of Living

Embrace your unique path, unearthing the life you're meant to lead

Direct Access to Rabbi Ezagui- Get Your Answers

Embark on a Journey with Rabbi Ezagui by Your Side

Who Is This For?

Whether you're feeling stuck in your spiritual journey, seeking deeper fulfillment, or wanting to understand your purpose in this world, the Inner Power Circle is designed for you.

If you're ready to challenge your old ways of thinking and embrace a fresh, enlightening perspective, this journey is for you.


I am writing in support of Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui, who I have known for several years. He is a beloved congregational spiritual leader, and I have had the opportunity to engage him in in-depth conversations on many occasions. I have always come away from these enlightened.

Rabbi Ezagui is endowed with a keen intellect, psychological acuity, and broad knowledge of many topics that extend beyond the confines of religion. Rabbi Ezagui is an avid reader of scientific literature and is particularly well-informed with respect to advances in the areas of quantum physics and cosmology. He has a specific in the areas of nexus between the ideas of modern physics and the Kabbalah.

He is also the author of two outstanding texts that address how to live a meaningful life based on the tenets of Chabad Hasidism, and his life's work has been devoted to sharing these ideas with others. He does this with both genuine concern and compassion. For all of these reasons, I can recommend Rabbi Ezagui, with no compunctions, for virtually any enterprise that he chooses to devote himself.

Richard Kradin , M.D.

Harvard Medical School Massachusetts General Hospital

Director of Pulmonary Immunology and Molecular Biology

MGH Center for Psychoanalysis 

Professor Harvard Medical School

I have known the Rabbi for many years. He is the head of a bustling orthodox congregation in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Far from being only an expert on the Torah, Talmud, and Jewish customs, the Rabbi has long shown a strong interest in many secular fields, such as history, philosophy, science, politics, and business;

I have frequently debated with him in these and many other subjects and I have greatly profited from our exchanges. He has always shown a penetrating understanding, demonstrating his keen intellect and humor.

As the father of a large family, he is certainly familiar with the trials and tribulations of domestic life. With relatives and friends in many countries,  he is well aware of what is going on the world and is fluent in many languages. He is a recently naturalized American citizen with strong devotion to this country and interest in its many problems.

You and your listening audience will be rewarded and enriched by his knowledge and compassion for humanity.

Lawrence Rothenberg, M.D

Lawrence Rothenberg, M.D., F.A.C.G., F.A.C.P Diplomate, American Board Of Internal Medicine Diplomate, American Board Of Radiology Diplomate, Subspecialty Of Gastroenterology

I have known Rabbi Ezagui for many years, and have been a student in his Talmud class for several years. The class is very diverse and lively. Rabbi Ezagui is more knowledgeable of Talmud, Torah and Jewish history than anyone else I know.In addition to his knowledge, Rabbi Ezagui has a rare ability to encounter every student in a way that is personal to him.

To the student who looks for contradictions in the passage we are learning, he is patient and explains the inner logic of the passage, without becoming defensive.

To the Israeli, who is looking for practical answers about what the law requires, he provides practical answers, sometimes in Hebrew, and has even offered a special class in Shulchan Aruch.

To the Reform students who want a deeper understanding of Judaism, he offers answers to basic questions without ever seeming condescending, and to the Orthodox students who know a lot, he provides affirmation, and adds to their knowledge.

He combines his extensive knowledge of Jewish law, history and spirituality with a rare ability to reach every student in an individualized manner.

Mr. Gary Walk, Attorney

Graduated from Yale University, B.A., summa cum laude, 1974 Harvard University, J.D., 1977

Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui has the uncommon ability to make complex ideas easy to understand, for scholars and laymen alike. This is particularly relevant to Torah and Halachic concepts. His classes are always incredibly educational and stimulating. We are very fortunate to have him as our Rabbi.  

Ken Kessler

Engineer @ Northrop Grumman

Worked on the Lunar Module and the F14 fighter Jet.

Rabbi, your teachings are amazing. Whenever I need strength or inspiration, I am sure to get it from your wisdom.

Robin Etchell,  RN

reveal your inner power and start living your best life.

Embrace actionable spiritual insights and join a community dedicated to growth.

Begin your transformative journey to a life of purpose and peace.

The Inner Power Circle is a groundbreaking journey guided by Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui, a seasoned spiritual mentor who has devoted his life to exploring, teaching, and integrating spirituality and science.

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